Brexit for the news impaired

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It’s striking to meet somebody who hasn’t heard of Brexit so far. It has happened to me lately. ‘Can you please explain it me in simpler terms?’

He (the UK) calls unilaterally for a divorce: he wants to retain some benefits of having been part of the family, though. Dinner at night, served at 7:30 p.m. sharp, remote control while watching TV and, why not, some other hot conjugal rights later. Only if and when he pleases, of course.

Terms and conditions in a divorce litigation are seldom laid down in such an asymmetrical and friendly (!) way, though. She (the EU) might want to have a say in such a matter. The offspring might want to add something too. Daughter or son may want to join him (the UK, if not clear yet), and mom (the EU, still unclear) would like to highlight the benefits of staying with unprecedented and unparallaled concessions (a lighter Fiscal Compact, perhaps).

Nobody would want a divorce after so long and odds are against him, just in case.


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