Ode to joy: a cry for Europe

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Europe is our home. A future together. Europe – that is us.

We could even argue that “united we stand, divided we fall”. How about a spell abroad on an Erasmus exchange program? Check out the EU website and will feel inspired by being part of this unique continent we’ve been trying to pull together since the ’50s. Where are the 2.5 million students who spent a year abroad on the Erasmus project? Let’s get together and show populist parties that divorcing Europe is making the wrong decision you never wanted to make.

Brexit is undermining all this. Markets react with fear. Uncertainty casts a long shadow on Great Britain as well as on Europe at large. If not the world itself. Populist parties lever on the ‘gut instinct’ to demolish the ‘rational plan’. Beethoven’s Ode to Joy will play again, after the grievance of today.

Europe is not the problem. If any, it’s the beginning of every solution. Europe is our home.

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