Politics and geography

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A quick reflection on politics across the globe reminds of the old days when Mr Berlusconi was in charge. Nice fellow on a boat trip but scarcely reliable as a skipper at the rudder wheel. Italy’s no different from other countries. Though Italians have a track record that beats many other competitors, many a follower can keep up with them.

What baffles is the striking lead other politicians, notably from the UK and the US, are now taking. Again, Italy leads but it seems it’s losing steam in comparison with major rivals. The drift in political consensus from the public opinion is underpinning chaotic and inconsistent candidates that threat global stability across the board.

The EU and the euro are at a pivotal moment: the make or break event is awaiting a leader to establish a new course of action. (Theresa) May is at the doors waiting for a Trump-et to start a new race. Sigh.

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